Summer Edition of “Tenant Voice”

The season’s edition of the Autonomous Tenant Union Network’s “Tenant Voice” newsletter has dropped. If you’re interested in getting tapped in with what’s going on with Tenant Unions around the country, definitely give it a read.

MATU is featured in this edition as well.

“The ATUN newsletter was started after the ATUN convention in LA in June 2022. The newsletter is a space for ATUN member organizations to share updates on our organizing, our victories and losses, and keep the network informed of our collective struggles for tenant power. The newsletter is a space for theorizing that can inform action and action that can guide theorizing, and a space where member organizations can develop a unified and strong politics. It’s a space to lift up the voice of the tenant and working class in interviews and articles. It’s a space for veterans of struggle to share their insight, and for the curious and those just starting a union to find encouragement and guidance. If you would like to get involved, e-mail:”

If you want to get involved with MATU e-mail us at