Wall of Shame

Collected below is a rogue’s gallery of Milwaukee’s most dangerous landlords and their supporters. Is a landlord threatening or endangering you or someone you know? Join MATU and fight for safe, just housing in Milwaukee!

Joe Berrada

Joe Berrada is perhaps the most prolific slumlord in Milwaukee. His buildings had 1,300 code violations from 2010 to 2018 and he was responsible for 12% of evictions in the city in 2017. He is known for evicting tenants for the smallest and most trivial reasons.”

Will Sherard

Will Sherard is the owner of Morocco Investments LLC and one of Milwaukee’s best known slumlords and has accounted for about 10% of all evictions filed during the COVID 19 pandemic and economic crisis. Sherard is not only well known for owning over 50 North Side properties, but for his companies’ lack of upkeep and maintenance at these properties. As of 2018, Sherard owed almost $70,000 in building code fines, accumulated over the years for leasing out homes and units that were later determined to be unfit for human habitation. Even after being prosecuted for failure to pay these fines and being ordered by a state judge to cough up the money, Sherard appealed all the way up to the State Supreme Court. All the while, Sherard continued to be a regular at the Milwaukee County sheriff’s sales where foreclosed properties are auctioned off to lenders, landlords, and slumlords, spending twice the amount he had been ordered to pay on new properties, while still refusing to pay what he owed. With his properties valued at over $1.5 million and his personal wealth a subject of speculation, it is clear that Sherard is only interested in accumulating profit at the least expense possible to him and will fight and claw relentlessly against having to pay fines or allowing people to live in his properties, even temporarily, without paying due to the ongoing crisis.

Sam Stair

Sam Stair, owner of S2 Properties, is one of the worst offenders in terms of evictions during the COVID 19 pandemic, filing for a total of 62 evictions against mostly low-income tenants since the end of the state-wide eviction moratorium in May. Stair has now passed our previous second place evictor, Will Sherard, and trails only Berrada properties. Stair gives no leeway to his tenants and has filed evictions against MATU represented tenants for being only one month behind on rent or non-payment of late fees. This lack of leniency, his unwillingness to work with tenants, along with high late payment fees, makes S2 a mass evictor.

Nick Zolper

Nick Zolper owns at least 20 properties and manages hundreds on the East Side, Shorewood and Riverwest.

Patrick Roney and Evan Krupp

Patrick Roney and Evan Knupp are Milwaukee attorneys who aid various landlords around the city in evicting their tenants during a global pandemic. Rather than do the moral thing and refuse to offer services to landlords looking to mass-evict, they chose to enrich themselves by taking on as many eviction cases as possible. During this unprecedented eviction crisis, Attorneys Roney and Knupp chose to be a part of the problem for personal gain.

George Sessler

George Sessler owns Sessler Properties and at least four other LLCs and filed eviction notices on at least 29 people from June 22 to August 18.

Satish Atluri

Satish Atluri is the owner of College MHP LLC.

Nicholas Rezny

Nicholas Rezny owns PayMyRent5 and has dozens of different LLCs for property ownership all over the city. In 2017, Rezny said he managed or owned around 225 rental units in Milwaukee. Rezny cut his teeth in real estate working for Russell Freeman, who is currently serving 17 years for securities fraud. In 2019 Rezny was held in contempt of court in a securities fraud suit in which he was being sued by his uncle, Greg Dahlman, to whom Rezny owed $329,333. Dahlman invested $260,000 with Rezny but was not repaid. Rezny has also been forced to repay other investors whom he has ripped off. The City Attorney’s Office has suggested that Rezny is running a Ponzi scheme and suggested that the FBI should investigate him.

Lore Hauck

Lore Hauck owns TAH 60 LLC, which owns or manages 1319 N. Jackson St and 1328 N. Jefferson Street, which are the Juneau Village Garden Apartments. TAH 60 has done one eviction in 2019 and one in 2020 (in June).

Daniel Katz

Daniel Katz owns Katz Properties, which has a long history of legal filings, including but not limited to evictions.

Peter Pacetti

Peter Pacetti owns Edgewater Real Estate, which owns or manages 826 N Cass Street, 104 E Mason St, 1114 N Marshall St, 7951 W National Ave, 11632 W Bluemound Dr, 829 E Knapp Street, 1027 N Center St, 2905 N Bartlett Avenue, and 1806 E Kane Place. Edgewater did 16 evictions from 2011-2019 but none yet in 2020. Most of the evictions were in 2011-2014.

Daniel Bruckner

Daniel Bruckner has evicted over thirty tenants since the beginning of the pandemic.

Collin Kappl

During the pandemic, landlord Collin Kappl increased rent on cash-strapped tenants who are simply struggling to survive and keep a roof over their heads. Millions have lost their jobs and incomes yet, landlords like Collin have decided to take advantage of a desperate situation and make it exponentially worse. Along the way, he’s refused to work with his renters, ignored maintenance requests, issued countless 5-day notices, increased rent, and even pursued evictions throughout COVID and during winter.