Wisconsin Eviction Resources

Resources for Organizing during the Coronavirus

Guides to Tenant Union Organizing

Tenants Association Handook

A guide published by the Los Angeles Tenants Union.

Tactics vol 1.

A zine distributed by the Autonomous Tenants Union, Chicago, outlining 7 tactics for tenants organizing.

Community Control of Land & Housing

Exploring strategies for combating displacement, expanding ownership and building community wealth, by the Democracy Collaborative.

Building Power, One Building at a Time

An interview with the Crown Heights Tenants Union – The Indypendent

Oakland Tenants’ Rights Handbook

A collaborative guide on the rights tenants have, by the Oakland Tenants Union, San Francisco Tenants Union and Causa Justa.

The Tenant and Neighborhood Councils Reader

A guide for organizing neighborhood councils, by TANC.

Building Dual Power in the Neighborhood

Reflections on neighborhood and tenant organizing, by Jay Lucien and Varlam AkratROAR magazine

Stomp Out Slumlords: An Anti-Eviction Operations Manual

Metro DC DSA. Very detailed guide to tenant organizing.

Tenant Organizing Manual

NYC DSA Housing Working Group. Well-researched guide to tenant organizing manual.

Tenants Handbook

LA Tenants Union. Lengthy guide to tenant organizing.

Forming a Tenant Union

Madison Tenant Power. One-page flyer on how to form a tenant union.

Resources for Tenants

Madison Tenant Power. Two-page list of resources for tenants.

Madison Tenant Power Handbook

Reference guide to some practical basics of tenant organizing.

Flyers and Graphics

A small collection of graphics, free for use in tenants organizing campaigns.

Cancel Rent Sticker MATU

Cancel Rent Sticker May 1st

MATU Informational Flyer

MATU Eviction Resources Flyer

Landlord Information

Outside Resources for Tenants

Tenant Union Constitutions and By-Laws

MATU Bylaws

Find enclosed the most recent version of the MATU Bylaws and Points of Unity. This is a living document that will be updated by membership as necessary.

Homeowner Resources

  • Housing Resources Inc. – Buyer education, mortgage counseling, grant assistance, foreclosure prevention and more.