Get Involved

We at the Milwaukee Autonomous Tenants Union believe the power landlords have over Milwaukee tenants and the city’s political structure is destructive and that it must be changed.

We use a variety of on-the-ground organizing, education, outreach, and direct action to build tenant power in Milwaukee. We organize to challenge evictions, collectively bargain over rent, and win demands from negligent landlords to work towards the community control of housing for everyone.

There is plenty of opportunity to get involved with building tenant power with the MATU. Whatever role you think you can play, we can help you fulfill it. Whether it is talking to tenants in their buildings and neighborhoods, attending a protest/picket of landlords, supporting tenants meeting with landlords or their representatives, doing research on tenant issues in the city, creating posters and graphics, facilitating tenant meetings, or helping tenants create councils in their buildings, there is a role for you!

You can be a force for change with MATU!