• Supreme Court Strikes Down CDC Eviction Moratorium
    After Biden and Congress initially allowed the CDC eviction moratorium to lapse at the end of June 2021, they were almost immediately forced – through massive public pressure – to put a new eviction moratorium back in place in early July through October 3rd, 2021. Fast forward to August 27th, 2021 where an unelected body … Read more
  • Millions Face Eviction as the CDC Moratorium Expires at the End of June
    With the CDC eviction moratorium first extended through March then the end of June 2021, we have taken multiple actions to keep people in their homes. This includes a series of demand letters sent to public officials such as Governor Tony Evers, Mayor Tom Barrett, the Milwaukee Common Council, Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley, Housing … Read more
  • CDC Declares Eviction Moratorium
    In a move that was a long time coming, the CDC has finally mandated a federal eviction moratorium until December 31st, 2020. Although this is good news, the moratorium is not as sweeping as people believe, and requires tenants to fulfill multiple criteria to qualify. Find the form to self-declare your status on our resources … Read more
  • Tell Evers, Vos, Fitzgerald, and Palm: Extend the Moratorium on Evictions and Foreclosures
    Please join us in standing with vulnerable workers by calling these officials and asking them to support this demand. Contact information for the relevant officials and a script you can use when talking to them are listed below. CONTACTS: Governor Tony Evers –– Madison Office: (608) 266-1212 // Milwaukee Office: (414) 227-4344 // Online comment … Read more
  • Cancel Rent! Cancel Mortgages! Sheet and Banner Drop
    The COVID-19 pandemic has closed businesses across the country and thrown millions of people out of work. Many people who were already living precariously on the edge of financial ruin before the pandemic will now have trouble coming up with rent or mortgage payments for the month of May. Eviction and foreclosure freezes are not … Read more