Tenant Solidarity Intake Hours

MATU Solidarity Intake is tenants helping tenants. When you call or message us, you are talking to another tenant. We use our collective knowledge as a tenant union to help fellow tenants with immediate concerns and direct you to resources. However, our capacity for this is limited. You should expect to be contacted back during our hours on Tuesdays 5-7 PM and Thursdays 3-6 PM.

Why We Organize

Less than half of the population of Milwaukee owns the property they live in¹. The rest of us rent, and as renters, we do not benefit from the privileges of private property ownership. We are exploited for the profit of landlords.

We as renters are all vulnerable to factors like rising rents, stagnant wages, and precarious conditions which threaten our ability to secure safe, comfortable housing.

Housing should not be a commodity; to be bought and sold, speculated on, leveraged, and withheld from those in need.

¹ US Census

Who We Are

The Milwaukee Autonomous Tenants Union is a diverse tenant-led movement fighting for the human right of housing for all. We demand safe, affordable housing and universal rent control, and, ultimately, the end of rent.

Our mission is to strengthen tenants’ political power through direct action and education. We do direct action to fight for repairs/maintenance, challenge evictions, win demands from negligent landlords, and win community control of housing. We do education to build an understanding of the root cause of tenant exploitation and to prepare for action that ends that exploitation.

The Milwaukee Tenants Union is an autonomous housing movement that is completely funded by its members.