Clybourn Tenant Council & MATU Speak Out!

The members of Clybourn Tenant Council and MATU speak on the scourge of Milwaukee slumlords and the necessity of collective action.

The tenants at the Clybourn building have had their passed off from slumlord to slumlord, each treating them like assets to profit off of instead of dignified human beings. The latest one Slumlord Joe/Berrada Properties has been no different. They decided enough was enough and banded together to fight back.

They have fended off multiple eviction filings, but enabled by an unfair system, Slumlord Joe/Berrada Properties continues to attack them. However, MATU and the Council intend to fight the whole way.

There will be no more suffering in silence anymore. Instead, it will be tenants fighting for their homes to be for their benefit.

If you are willing to fight, we will fight with you.